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SERAPH Military Training

SERAPH has been providing world class military training for more than 15 years to members of the Israel Defense Forces  IDF, U.S. Naval Special Warfare Command, U.S. Marine Corps and the U.S. Army Special Operations Command. Our staff includes federal agents, military officers, and foreign intelligence agents with real world experience who provide unique problem solving for all types of military needs.

SERAPH – Combat Performance Programs:

Survival Stress Management: Physical Performance Enhancement

  • Less injury and downtime of personnel
  • Improved team effectiveness
  • Improved reaction time
  • Saves Lives

SERAPH – Tactical Weapons Training:

SERAPH offers a full spectrum of battle proven weapons and tactics training necessary to address the challenging needs of modern warfare and law enforcement needs. All SERAPH trainers consist of former officers of the Naval Special Warfare arena.

SERAPH – MIL Police Training:

SERAPH offers unique programs for the protection of MIL Police personnel during daily operations and special duty. Less Than Lethal tactics

  • Less Injury to suspects
  • Less injury and down time of personnel
  • Improved communication skills


Since 9/11, many organizations have developed emergency plans and post event management plans. But many of these organizations have not trained their key personnel in the management of emotional and psychologically based problems during an emergency.

An emergency plan is only as good as the people who execute it.

EPRT provides specialized training in two key areas:

Emergency assessment and psychological issues.

  1. An assessment of skills to predict or detect an emergency before it is fully developed. Using this skill set for detection of a crisis situation, an early response by police or emergency personnel has a greater probability of occurring.
  2. The second will be the use of verbal and psychological skills to manage personal fear and panic and the same in groups of people during a crisis. These skills will reduce negative effects on staff after a crisis.


How to Predict and Prevent Violence Using Threat Profiling

In the daily operation of a MIL Police unit, officers encounter violent individuals who have the potential of causing them injury. Preventing violence is a priority for every Law Enforcement officer. In 1996 the system of Threat Profiling was developed by Criminal Analyst Dale Yeager to assist Police professionals in the prediction and management of violent people.

The Threat Profiling program is an interactive seminar that provides all of the tools necessary for officers to predict violent behavior and to manage violent people when necessary.

  • Improved interviewing of suspects / witnesses
  • Improved communication skills
  • Reduction in physical contact with aggressive suspects
  • Improved deception detection
  • Advanced verbal and psychological skills to control violent suspects
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