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Robert M. Brzenchek

Robert M. Brzenchek is the Criminal Justice Program Manager at Peirce College in Philadelphia, PA. In addition to instructing the next generation of Criminal Justice professionals, he is performing Program Management duties such as developing the Criminal Justice Bachelors program for implementation in Fall 2014.

In the public sector, Mr. Brzenchek worked with dozens of national agencies, governments, and international organizations in the use of advanced technologies and information sharing to detect violations of international laws, and threats as a Navy Intelligence Specialist, and police officer in Washington, DC. In the private sector since 2005, Mr. Brzenchek has worked with organizations as diverse as DHS, DOD, major corporations, ports, and public utilities on security matters, risk management, policy, and technologies.

Mr. Brzenchek has performed emergency management duties, CBRNE, threat assessments, and physical site surveys at various venues as needed as a Regional Coordinator for the Army National Guard Office of Domestic Preparedness and Subject Matter Expert (Threat Assessments) for Honeywell Defense and Space Logistics. He received his undergraduate degree from George Mason University, Masters Degree from the American Military University, and is currently a Doctoral Learner at Capella University in Public Safety and Criminal Justice. Mr. Brzenchek has published articles on emergency management, threat assessments, homeland and international security. He has testified in court, and lectured throughout North America and Jamaica. Mr. Brzenchek sits on the international group of experts on the ASIS Investigative Technical Committee to advance the development of the standard for integrated Security Management Systems (SMS).   He serves as a Council Member for Gov Sec DC and a member of the leadership team at SERAPH.

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