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School Truancy


A Complete Assessment of All Truancy, Lateness, Tardiness Policies within Schools or Districts

Phase 1 – Research and Preliminary Assessment of Crime, Social Issues and Population Growth

Phase 2 – On-site Physical Assessment and Interview

  • Understanding the sheer devastation caused by Absenteeism, Tardiness and Lateness on the overall Safety and Security of a School System and the community it serves.
  • Understanding its economic impact on the School and Community.
  • How truancy directly feeds negative behavior cliques in schools.
  • How to identify and resolve problems with lateness and absenteeism with parents, students and staff.
  • Why and how to easily collect, collate and analyze data to improve the conditions for success in your school.
  • Why and how to effectively and appropriately intervene with parents, teachers, boards, Social Service agencies, media and students in an all-out attack on Absenteeism, Tardiness and Lateness.

Phase 3 – Report Design and Live Report Review for School Board or Safety Committees

Phase 4 – Follow-up assessment of the action plans to identify progress on the clearly established and agreed upon bench mark data.

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