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SERAPH provides certification training for School Security Guards, School Resource Officer, SRO or School Police members. The SERAPH School Security Team program provides up to 12 levels of certified training, which will assist school districts in the creation of an effective professional school security management program.

The training will provide critical skill development in the areas of:

  1. Team development and security management of school facilities.
  2. Threat assessment of individuals and groups.
  3. Predication and prevention of violence in students and adults.
  4. Negative clique management.
  5. Male and female aggression management.
  6. Proper management of physical conflicts.
  7. Verbal and psychological skills to control aggressive individuals and groups.

SERAPH SRO [School Resource Officer] Consultation Program

Many school board members and school superintendents are confused by the School Resource Officer process. The SERAPH SROCP can provide technical assistance to School Boards and School Districts with a variety of implementation information:

  • Developing a School Resource Officer Program
  • Advantages and Benefits of establishing SRO programs
  • Selection of an SRO
  • Explanation of the SRO Triad
  • Performance duties of an SRO
  • Scope of SRO Training
  • Goals of SRO programs
  • Partnership agreements between schools and law enforcement
  • Funding arrangements

Make an informed decision with the help of SERAPH

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