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SERAPH Investigations

SERAPH Kryptos

(Greek “hidden or secret)

People have secrets. Go beyond typical Background Checks, SERAPH Kryptos is a Hyper – Due Diligence process.

SERAPH Kryptos is the most comprehensive Due Diligence / Background Check available in the United States and Canada. A comprehensive investigation of a person:

  • Bank and Brokerage accounts.

[With a court judgment or civil action]

  • Physical Assets 

  • Known Associates, Relatives, Business Associates etc.

[Who are they connected to? And are those connections involved in nefarious or criminal behavior? Along with a Relationship Diagram showing how and with whom are they connected.]

  • Criminal 50 state Federal Criminal check

[What don’t you know?]

  • Nefarious / Fraudulent actions.

[Negative personal behaviors, complete Social Media assessment]

  • Arrests

  • Financial Judgments

  • Financial Liens

  • Financial issues.

[What don’t you know?]

  • All available personal data.

[Work history, etc.]


Also a complete U.S. and International investigation of known Criminal / Financial Fraud databases:


Terrorist Exclusion List
Politically Exposed Persons
Bank of England Consolidated List
Bureau of Industry and Security
OSFI Consolidated List – Canada
DTC Debarred parties
OFAC Sanctions Programs and Country Summaries
OFAC’s Specially Designated Nationals & Blocked Persons
European Union Terrorism List
United Nations Consolidated List
Unauthorized Banks
World Bank Debarred Parties
Australian Dept. of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Non-cooperative Countries and Territories
Interpol Most Wanted
5 – FBI Lists

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