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Nightclub and Arena Safety

SERAPH Liability Reduction Solutions


Since 2000, SERAPH is the exclusive provider of security / risk management consulting and training for House of Blues Corporation, Gaylord Texan Hotel and Convention Center Glass Cactus, SBE Entertainment Group, Area, Hyde Lounge and The Abbey, Lucky Strike Entertainment, LiveNation Corporation and Ryman Hospitality Properties.

Since 1994, SERAPH provides Riot and Crowd Control Management training for local, state and Federal law enforcement professionals through the Federal HIDTA and MAGLOCLEN programs.

Dale Yeager, has offered me several successes within the House of Blues and SBE. His results speak for themselves, he reduces issues which resulting in cost saving. The largest impact was in guest service where we received many great comments on how well our staff was trained and how well they handled issues, Dale and his team offers a state of the art training program that our staff and managers could understand and implement.

Arich Berghammer

Through a driven focus on prevention, assessment, and effective resolution, Dale Yeager has continued to prove his passion for safety and risk management throughout his diverse consultation experiences. His security and operations management knowledge is clear, as evidenced by the strategies developed and implemented throughout the House of Blues clubs. The implementation of SERAPH’s strategies have provided an even greater return through the limitation of liabilities and increased safety for both HOB employees and guests. I highly recommend both Dale and SERAPH for any organization seeking to effectively and safely manage groups or high-risk scenarios.

Dan Barbey

Security Problem Solving for Nightclubs, Bars, Live Venue and Arena Executives


Comparative Analysis

SERAPH provides a policy and management audit to compare current Security and Emergency management regulations with the security emergency management protocols of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) related to prevention and management of a mass shooting or shooter event.

This professional assessment is critical to the Safety of customers and personnel in all facilities and as a Liability Prevention tool to Reduce Litigation.


  1. SERAPH will review all Security – Emergency policy information provided by the client. SERAPH will use its proprietary Comparative Analysis process to asses these policies.
  1. SERAPH will develop a report with the following segments:
  • Positive Aspects – This section focuses on policies that are useful in the Prediction and Prevention of violent crime [shootings, domestic and / or foreign based terrorism] and Emergency response.

This section of the report will also identify those policies that meet or exceed the Department of Homeland Security protocols.

  • Issues of Concern – This section will focus on policies that are problematic or lacking detail related to the Prediction and Prevention of violent crime and Emergency response.

In this section SERAPH will provide specific modifications to these policies to make them effective and compliant with the Department of Homeland Security security emergency management protocols.

SERAPH will present and review the report with senior management on site at the corporate headquarters.


Security can be a profit center in any type of business

In the management of a nightclub, concert facility or entertainment venue, managing aggression and emergencies can be overwhelming. The SERAPH E.V.R.M. Program provides venue management with unique consulting and training services to turn managers and security staffs into a cohesive team of professionals who can predict and prevent facility based crime and effectively manage emergencies. Lower legal liability in nightclubs.

SERAPH provides a three-phase process, which will allow for the development of a “model” security management system, through improved intervention by managers and security personnel.


PHASE 1: Security Management Assessment

SERAPH performs an assessment or auditing of the management policies and performance by security team members and managers. SERAPH provides risk management auditing for security.


The assessment allows the SERAPH team to understand the specific security processes of each venue and which processes may be creating liability exposure. With this information, the SERAPH team will take our existing training programs and customize them to the specific corporate policies of the parent company to develop a customized training program.

PHASE 2: Security Management Training

Multiple training sessions are provided to bring the security and management team members to a new level of security management.


  • Improved team work
  • Decrease in liability exposure
  • Improved management
  • Profitability increase
  • Process for maintaining positive relationships with local municipalities

PHASE 3: Train the Trainer Program

To build capacity within the company, SERAPH provides a progressive certification program for select members of the Security and Management Teams.


  • Increased practice by Security and Management Team members
  • Defense in legal actions
  • Reduces long-term training costs

Nightclub and Bar Crime Problem Solving for Mayors, Municipalities, and City Councils


Nightclub and bar crime is an issue in many communities. Many municipalities need assistance in preventing this growing problem.

For the past 15 years, our company has provided a unique training program for entertainment venues called the Entertainment Venue Risk Management Program. This program is taught at  The House of Blues, SBE Entertainment nightclubs in Los Angeles and the Glass Cactus at the Gaylord Texan Hotel.

SERAPH is now offering the ENTERTAINMENT VENUE CRIME PREVENTION PROGRAM for all types of municipal governments.


The SERAPH E.V.C.P. Program provides:

A process to assess specific entertainment venues crime trends within a community.

  1. Design of a customized plan of action to manage and control entertainment venue crimes.
  2. Provide oversight with the execution of the E.V.C.P. plan.

As part of the SERAPH E.V.C.P. Program, a training program for nightclub / bar management and security staff is provided to teach standardized threat assessment, security management techniques and teaming skills to assist police departments in the control of entertainment venue crime.


  • Improved teamwork by entertainment venue staff with police
  • Decrease in liability exposure for municipalities and businesses
  • Improved crowd control
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