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 Protecting Your Event from Security Issues, Emergencies and Lawsuits

All events must be well managed to be successful. But one key area that Meeting and Event planners leave to chance is Security, Safety and Emergency Management

From VIP events to Community days to Grand openings many planners rely on private security guard firms and police to prevent Crimes, Accidents and Emergencies.

MYTH: Police receive training in security management.

FALSE: As Federal law enforcement trainers, throughout the U.S. we have found that less than 2% of police units have received this type of training. NOTE:  Most police departments limit what their officers can do at private events because of liability policies.

MYTH: Private Security firms train their people in security management.

FALSE: With few exceptions most security firms provide no training, and very poor management of their guards. NOTE: Security guard companies routinely hire convicted criminals and people on probation.


SERAPH provides oversight with all Safety, Security and Emergency Management. We design a plan of action and oversee its execution during an event.

SERAPH provides the following:

Planning for the coordination of Police, Fire – Medical and Security. We make sure they will work together and prevent crisis during your event.

SERAPH designs an Integrated Communications plan so that Security guards, Police, Fire, and Medical personnel can communicate in real time and effectively.

SERAPH designs the Request for Proposal for the selection of private security. SERAPH then performs a background check [due diligence] on each company submitting a proposal. We make sure that you have a vetted final list to choose from. This saves money and reduces the chance for lawsuits.

SERAPH designs a Threat Assessment of VIPs to determine if they will create protests or have people in their personal life “crash” the event to confront them. Planning prevents embarrassment for you and your clients.

SERAPH designs a plan to meet the special needs of Celebrities, Political VIPs and Clients.

SERAPH provides a plan of action to prevent problems caused by severe weather / Acts of God and other conditions which can cause serious issues for event and your VIPs.

SERAPH designs a traffic management plan to decrease problems.

SERAPH provides a plan for surveillance to predict and prevent problems that can ruin your event.

SERAPH provides onsite management to coordinate the safety of the event.


  •  If the event planner is sued they lose a large portion of their profit.
  •  If they overpay for security they lose part of their profit.


  •  If a criminal or negative event happens that embarrasses or costs the client money they will leave the event planner and not return. Clients have choices.


SERAPH can help you reduce costs with our partners’ around the world who can assist with discounts on Meeting Places, Hotels, Tours, Transportation, Personnel, etc.

Multi Linguistic Partners Locally and Around the World

SERAPH staff members have the experience and skills to work with various cultures. Our staff has the following language capabilities: Mandarin, Spanish, German, Italian, and various African and Middle Eastern dialects.

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