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BACKSTOPPING is a highly regarded information cloaking practice used in the National and Business Intelligence process, to protect corporate and government privileged, sensitive and restrictive information.

This practice and its methodology, affords the utmost protection of critical information as deemed appropriate by key decision makers. In particular, municipal government official have the same concern and needs as that of C-level and Government officials to safeguard personal and professional information.

Today’s threat to key decision makers is instigated by both , domestic and foreign interest determined to penetrate and disrupt corporate, government and local government interest . Lately, it has been discovered that the same applies to family members of the noted audience. Hence, the most significant benefit of Backstopping, it’s unique and verifiable to cloak restrictive information from the media; social media, bloggers and unauthorized persons, etc…

Why use Backstopping:

  • Protects sensitive Municipal documents

  • Cloaks closely held Municipal strategies (crisis response, etc.)

  • Travel

  • Identity theft issues/theft of propriety  information

  • Family members personal information

  • Audit, assess and evaluate current operational practices.

  • Evaluate information dissemination practices.

Please visit the page for the SERAPH Backstopping Program coordinator Samuel Blackstone

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