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SERAPH Security & Risk Management

SERAPH provides a wide array of SECURITY and RISK MANAGEMENT training and consulting services for Businesses, Corporations, Municipalities, State and Federal Government entities. Problem solving for:

  • Liability Reduction

  • Theft Investigation

  • Employee or Client Aggression Resolution

  • Lateness and Absenteeism Control

  • Improved Employee Hiring & Retention

  • Emergency Management

  • Threat Resolution

  • Intellectual Property Inquiries

  • Crisis & Risk Needs Assessment

  • Personnel Threat Assessment

  • Kidnap /  Extortion / Ransom Options

  • Investigative Services

  • First Responder Crisis Training

  • Crisis Management Training

  • Due Diligence

  • Vulnerability Assessments

  • Personnel Protection Service

  • Personnel Rescue Options

  • Asset Recovery Activities

  • Anti-Terrorist Training

  • Emergency Preparedness Training


Using Forensic Psychology to Manage and Resolve Employee Related Problems

Each year, the business community faces new challenges related to employees. Sexual harassment, employee retention, theft, embezzlement, staff conflicts, cultural conflicts and employee aggression are just some of the growing number of problems which create dissent and can cause financial loss. The BUSINESS SHIELD LIABILITY REDUCTION PROGRAM provides training to your HR and management teams in:

  • Dramatically Improve Hiring
  • Deception Detection
  • Threat Assessment
  • Investigation of Accidents, Crimes or Conflicts


End Conflict, Internal Theft and Harassment

The business world is forever changing and organizations must be able to adapt to these changes if they want to experience longevity. It is important to understand the changing culture the new millennium is bringing to the workplace. By combining the worlds of psychology, sociology and semantics, the SERAPH Professional Business Ethics seminar teaches a new ethic for the new millennium. Using improvisational training, exercises and action, this program provides your vendors, employees and management with the necessary skills to improve ethical and professional behavior. SERAPH Professional Business Ethics also provides skills for improved communication. By exploring the terms highlighted below, the participants will learn to change their personal attitudes about ethics and what it means to be a professional.

  • Attitude – How it effects your performance and your health
  • Professionalism – How to be your best without compromising your integrity
  • Efficiency – Working smarter not harder
  • Communication – How to talk and listen
  • Minimizing stress through professional behavior

The final segment of the seminar teaches the students ethnic and racial sensitivity. Each seminar is customized to the needs of the company.


The SERAPH TRAVEL SAFETY PROGRAM provides a comprehensive training program for government, business and education professionals to travel safely on short or extended stay trips.

The program takes the participant through a training process which addresses key issues of safety such as understanding personal psychological issues which feed panic response. Tools to control the mind and body for improved decision making and response. Understanding cultural differences as they relate to safety assessment.  And finally a complete and simple travel safety planning tool. OUTCOMES: • Participants Will Learn “Real World” Techniques For The Predication Of Safety And Security Problems Before They Occur. • Easy To Use Daily Travel Safety Protocols. • Dealing With Medical Emergencies While Traveling. • Understanding Threat Assessment In The Context Of Cultural Norms. • Profiling Potentially Threatening People And How To Manage Them With Verbal Skills And Psychological Skills.


Emergency Psychological Response Training

EPRT provides the participants with a complete curriculum of emergency assessment and resolution protocol. Participants will be provided with two elements of emergency response. The first will be assessment skills to predict or detect an emergency before it is fully developed. This portion of the training develops the skill set of early detection of a crisis that allows for early response by police or emergency personnel. The second will be specific action plans for specific emergencies. Participants will be trained through the use of high-level role playing and testing.


SERAPH’S team of experts provides assistance to individuals and families with threats from stalkers and harassment. We provide expert advice and counsel and can assist you in the resolution of your problem. SERAPH has many years of experience with threat assessment and resolution.

  • Stalkers and Threats
  • Violence by former spouses and employees

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