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Law Enforcement Speaker

Law Enforcement

  1. FBINAA 2018 Training Conference
  2. HIDTA NYC 2010-2018
  3. NYPD Detectives Division 2017
  5. Wisconsin Association for Identification Conference
  6. New Jersey Sex Crimes Officer’s Association Conference 2009
  7. MAGLOCLEN, 22nd Annual Gang Conference
  8. MAGLOCLEN, 17th Annual Narcotic Investigators Information Sharing Conference
  9. Utah Gang Conference – Police & Schools
  10. The American Federal Contract Investigators Association
  11. Salt Lake City Gang Conference – Police & Schools
  12. International Community Corrections Association
  13. Indiana Correctional Association Conference
  14. Pennsylvania Crime Prevention Officer’s Association
  15. International Association of Chief’s of Police
  16. Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP)
  17. New Jersey Association of School Resource Officers
  18. CHILDREN, YOUTH AND THE POLICE, Connecticut Consortium for Law & Citizenship Education

Law Enforcement Conference Programs

V.I.V.A. Verbal Intervention and Violence Assessment

In the daily operation of a law enforcement unit, investigators and agents encounter various situations where the ability to quickly assess potential violence or truthfulness is important. This unique course offers new methods for the detection of aggression, deception and alternative motives of suspects in a variety of circumstances.

Participants will be taken through various segments covering:

1. Understanding Human Nature and Violence: What you don’t know can hurt you!
2. Understanding the Mind of Violent and Manipulative People: How to use this knowledge for accurate information gathering and violence assessment.
3. Male and Female Behavioral Patterns As They Relate To Violence: Gender and its relationship to interviews, interrogations and violence prevention.
4. Verbal and Psychological Manipulation of Aggressive and Violent People to Prevent Attack.
5. How sexual aggression issues affect interview, interrogations and violence assessment.

Participants will learn:
  • How to psychologically assess individuals and groups instantaneously.
  • How to improve deception detection.
  • Predict and prevent violence behavior quickly.
  • How to assess the psychological pathology of individuals.

SERAPH – SEX AGGRESSION PROGRAM: Understanding Sexual Issues and Their Implications in Drug Interdiction, Gang Management, Interrogation and Daily Police Operations

In the daily operation of a law enforcement unit, officers and agents encounter violent and aggressive children and adults. Many of these individuals have deeply rooted sexual aggression issues.

The SERAPH SEX AGGRESSION PROGRAM was designed to provide a fact-based understanding of sexuality issues as they relate to all aspects of law enforcement work.

Participants will be taken through various segments covering:

  • Sex Aggression and Group Leadership
  • Narcotics and Sexual Aggression: The Untold Story
  • Gender and Sexual Aggression: How It Plays Into Effective Investigations
  • Fetishes and Paraphilias: The Dark Side Of All Humans
  • Child Abuse: The Myths and Facts

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the connections between human sexuality and violence
  • Understanding sexual aggression and improved investigations
  • Understanding sexual aggression and its use in policing

Each segment includes exercises to help participants apply the information to their daily duties.


The rise of negative behavior youth movements such as Straight Edge and the Juggalos are affecting school safety in every community in America. Traditional cliques are now becoming more organized, and the influence of national youth movements has created a national clique network.

Suburban and rural schools are particularly affected by this growing problem. Also, many traditional street gangs are using similar tactics to recruit in untraditional areas such as the suburbs and rural areas.

This Action Lab provides accurate information concerning this growing problem. The program also explains how an effective Truancy prevention program can prevent this problem in any school environment.

Learning Objectives:

  • How negative cliques are structured and why this is critical to prevention.
  • How negative cliques develop into gangs and informal criminal teams.
  • How to assess your community’s vulnerability to negative behavior youth movements.
  • How to assess clique development in a school environment.
  • How truancy directly feeds negative behavior cliques in schools.
  • Understanding what elements make up an effective truancy program and how to guarantee the involvement of local courts and municipalities.


Radical Left-Wing Gangs in America

Law enforcement agencies in the U.S. are facing an increasing threat from political left social movements such as Direction Action, antifa and BLM.

Including these groups in daily intelligence gathering and interdiction policy is critical to safe communities.

This presentation will explain the rise of these groups and their movement towards violent action against civilians and police agencies.

Participants will be taken through various segments covering:
  • The Genesis of Extremism
  • What is their true motive of and aggressive protester?
  • Who are the PLAYERS and where are they active.
  • Neo – Nihilistic Movement
Learning Objectives:
  • How to gather intelligence on these groups within a specific location.
  • How to determine threat levels by these groups.
  • How to incorporate these groups into standard gang interdiction.

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