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  1. 7th Annual Safe Schools Initiative Seminar United States Secret Service
  2. Indiana School Safety Specialist Academy – Advanced Training Conference
  3. Hamilton Fish Institute National Conference, Persistently Safe Schools – [The George Washington University]
  4. Kentucky Department of Education
  5. NYS Association for Superintendents of School Buildings and Grounds
  6. Wisconsin Juvenile Officers Association
  7. New Jersey Department of Education
  8. Wisconsin DARE Officer’s Association
  9. New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police
  10. New York State School Boards Association
  11. New Jersey School Boards Association
  12. North Carolina School Boards Association
  13. Massachusetts Association of School Committees

Educational Conference Programs

School Safety – Current Problems, Trends and Solutions

Dale Yeager Executive Director of the NATIONAL SCHOOL SAFETY TASKFORCE provides a unique and current understanding on school safety. His presentation provides leaders with a real world understanding of the causes of school safety failures and a clear simple plan for resolving them.

  • Up-to-date understanding of Legal issues affecting school safety.
  • Complete understanding of the management structure of schools as it relates to school safety.
  • New tactics for predicting and preventing student aggression and violence.

Mr. Yeager is a NATO – F.L.E.T.C. trained Forensic Psychology expert. Mr. Yeager is a staff lecturer at Drexel, Howard, Neumann and Fairleigh Dickinson Universities.

Mr. Yeager and his education team have provided  training and consulting to more than 30,000 schools in the U.S.

Beginning in the year 2000, President Bush tasked SERAPH with providing a “State of School Safety in America” report. To date, SERAPH has provided four reports to members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Mr. Yeager is also a Federal Law Enforcement instructor and SME for the HIDTA High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas and MAGLOCLEN Middle Atlantic-Great Lakes Organized Crime Law Enforcement Network programs.


The Police & School Connection

In the daily management of a school, police agency, probation, family court or youth centered program, professionals encounter gang affiliated adolescents and negative behavior cliques.

The T.C.G. program provides a detailed look at the development of gangs through school related problems. T.C.G. explains how the lack of an effective truancy program provides the impetus for the development of negative behavior cliques in schools and how these cliques develop into organized gangs.

The T.C.G. program is an interactive seminar that provides all the necessary tools for the safe and effective identification and resolution of sexual issues.

Learning Objectives:
  • How truancy directly feeds negative behavior cliques in schools
  • Understanding what elements make up an effective truancy program
  • Securing the support of the court system to resolve truancy issues
  • How negative cliques are structured: All male, all female, mixed gender
  • How negative cliques develop into gangs and informal criminal teams
  • How to eliminate negative cliques in school environments

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