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Chuck Patten [U.S. Secret Service ret.]

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Chuck Patten, Legal Services Specialist

Chuck Patten has forty years experience in law enforcement and private security. Chuck was commissioned as a Special Agent, U. S Secret Service for the Cleveland, OH office; served as a detail and advance Agent for two Presidential campaigns, establishing security plans and logistical support for campaign stops across the US. Chuck served as a detail agent for President Nixon, President Ford, a detail and advance Agent for Jimmy Carter’s Presidential campaign and was selected as a permanent detail Agent for the Presidential Protective Detail. Chuck served as a detail and advance Agent for many foreign Heads of State for travel within the US. Chuck is a member of the Former Agents of the U.S. Secret Service.

Chuck has served as a Chief of Police, Director of Investigations for an Ohio County Prosecutor’s Office and a Special Deputy Sheriff. Chuck is also a 4 year, honorably discharged, Vietnam Era veteran, serving in the US Navy as an E-5. He was assigned as senior Petty Officer with an A/S Warfare Task Force (ComCruDesFlot 2) with awards including the Armed Forces Expeditionary medal.

HIGH RISE SECURITY: As a private consultant for Blackthorn Security Advisory Group, Mr. Patten has conducted site surveys and vulnerability assessments in Class “A” high-rise buildings and other high profile commercial properties throughout the US. He has served as the National Director of Security for a Chicago based, Fortune 500 company with a portfolio of nearly 700 properties comprising over 120 million square feet of office space in the country’s major metropolitan areas. He also served as the Director of Security and Fire Life/Safety for a major property owner and manger in Los Angeles with a direct assignment in two of the most high profile, Class “A” buildings in Los Angeles – Library Tower (US Bank Tower) and Wells Fargo Center. Most recently, Mr. Patten conducted a security review of the World Trade Center, Denver, CO.

EVENT SECURITY: Mr. Patten has served as an event security provider and concert event consultant for almost all of the former MCA/Universal Concert venues throughout the US with experience in over 1000 concert and other high profile concert, public, political and private events, including venues for The House of Blues. He has also served as a tour security and advance agent for The Cleveland Orchestra with “world tour” responsibilities. He has developed a variety of forms and operational procedures for the specific use of event security providers, including: a pocket concert briefing sheet, evacuation plans for all staff, a pocket style post description pamphlet, the “Safety Team” approach to event staff positions, temporary command centers for extraordinary events; law enforcement/security coordinated training & response teams; certified, four level, event security training course with certificate award programs.

Mr. Patten specializes in evaluating traditional and event security force operational preparedness for both emergency response activities, including fire life/safety incidents and regular, day-to-day activities. He will evaluate the fire life/safety programs in high-rise buildings to insure compliance with local ordinances and will help develop an in-depth fire life/safety program for the property managers and tenants. He will audit the security contract against services being delivered; establish an RFP for new security proposals, develop security reports and scenario training formats, prepare emergency procedures, evaluate and critique the procedures and manuals in use and evaluate, and make recommendations related to, the electronic security tools being used by security at the facility including; cameras, video recorders, access control, alarms, communication tools, etc. He will also evaluate and make recommendations regarding the policies, procedures, and training programs in place for the use and maintenance of such security tools.

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