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Andreas Demidont

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Andreas Demidont, V.P. Educational Programs and Services

Andy Demidont is retired from the public education system after more than 35 years of service to several schools districts throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. During Mr. Demidont’s tenure in public education, he held various positions such as Social Studies Teacher/Coordinator, Head Teacher, Assistant Principal, High School Principal and Superintendent, while contributing many hours of time as Athletic Director and coaching basketball, baseball, football, track, and softball. He also taught graduate education courses for Mansfield University.

Over the years, Mr. Demidont has had the honor of being the keynote speaker at many workshops and conferences throughout the United States on such topics as “Principles of Effective Instruction,” “Student Assistance Programs,” “Teen Parenting Programs,” “Integration of Handicapped Students,” and many others. He was a selected presenter at the National Staff Development Conference – Pennsylvania Association for Supervision and Curriculum – PA Department of Education Conference entitled Challenge of the 90’s. Through the sponsorship of the PA Department of Education, Mr. Demidont presented via teleconference to both a statewide and national audience All Education is Special wherein he addressed the subject that ALL CHILDREN CAN LEARN.

Mr. Demidont has been nominated to serve on a Statewide Task Force on Restructuring of Education in Pennsylvania by a member of the PA Senate. He is also the recipient of numerous State and National recognition awards such as the Congressional Citation for Educational Excellence, the R. J. Nabisco Foundation “China Breakers in Education” award, Montgomery County – Principal of the Year, and Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition.

Mr. Demidont has been dubbed a “visionary”. His most recent “vision” dealt with the improvement of the education system as a whole by bringing wireless technology to a rural school district and “opening the doors” to educational resources which otherwise would never have been possible to a small community school district in Pennsylvania. He consulted with the FCC Commissioners in Washington, DC, on the deployment of wireless internet and educational technology.

Mr. Demidont has been a consultant to many school districts across the country on curriculum development, computer-adaptive assessment, student management systems, the use of technology in education, along with assisting districts in several states with security audits and crisis response.

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