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ALERT: Title IX Changes In Wake Of Report On Campus Denial Of Due Process


U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is set to give a major speech Thursday on Obama-era directives on campus rape in the wake of a damning report spotlighting a lack of due process rights for accused students across university campuses.

DeVos is expected to make an announcement regarding Title IX, the 1972 campus gender equality law, at George Mason University in Virginia, BuzzFeed News reported.

Insiders have described the event as “centered around equal opportunity and equal protection of all.”

Education experts have long expected DeVos to make a move on Title IX and the Education Department 2011 directive named “A Dear Colleague Letter” that set the procedures for colleges that receive a sexual assault report.



Riots London Olympics

According to intelligence reports and USDOJ Subject Matter Expert Dale Yeager Radical Leftists groups from Greece and other countries are planning to riot in London during the Olympics and various European cities.

Any Executives or Families traveling this summer need a TRAVEL SAFETY PLAN.

A Travel Safety Plan provides:

  • Emergency actions to take in the event of medical issues, crimes, political unrest and natural disasters.

  • Contact information for such emergencies in the geographic areas traveling in.

Is Terrorism in the Eye of the Beholder? Animal Rights Extremists Think So.

The first time California animal rights activist and trauma surgeon Dr. Jerry Vlasak endorsed the murder of scientists who use animals in their medical research (click here for audio), he was speaking as a representative of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM). After a U.S. Senate grilling left no doubt that Vlasak was deadly serious, British immigration added him to its “no entry” list.

That’s good news for UK scientists. But the bad news is that Jerry Vlasak is still here in America—and he’s still defending the use of murder as an animal-rights campaign tactic.


One of the great frustrations we at SERAPH have had in our work with securing school environments over the past 20 years is the obsession many school board members and school administrators have with security equipment such as cameras.

In this article we will set the record straight about security equipment; when is it useful and when it increases security problems?

After the Columbine massacre on April 20, 1999 the school spent an obscene amount of money on security equipment for the high school. Six months later a student walked through these systems with a loaded handgun. The school administrators didn’t understand school safety before April 20th and they had learned little after it. Human beings must manage other human beings!


Andreas Demidont is the Vice President of Educational Programs and Services of SERAPH a national school safety and management firm.
Demidont is a retired school superintendent who has received national awards for his work as an educator from the U.S. Department of Education.

“I was asked by the editors of the Daily American to write a weekly column from and school administrators perspective”, states Demidont. “I was happy to provide my experience to this critical subject.”

Demidont’s current column, “Education Reforms, the new McCarthyism” is available at

The TASA Group Presents: Five High Liability Issues and Universities and Colleges

Five High Liability Issues and Universities and Colleges

On Wednesday, September 15, 2010, The TASA Group, Inc., in conjunction with school safety expert Dale Yeager, presented a one-hour, interactive webinar for legal professionals and college administrators. During this program, our presenter covered the 5 key issues that relate to security and safety:

*The Issue of Poor Management
*The Dirty Secrets and Lessons that Should Have Been Learned from Virginia Tech
*Federal Law and Cover-ups
*Why Higher Education is Failing Students and Staff
*The Legal Spider Web in Higher Education

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