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April 10th – WW II South Pacific Veterans Bataan Memorial March

Honoring WW II South Pacific Veterans

The community is encouraged to actively show support as we honor those who died and survived the South Pacific theater of World War II.

“March for Those Who Can’t”

The March, a 2.5 mile walk at the VFW Post, will memorialize the 10 critical battles of WW II in the South Pacific.

The Ceremony and March are for young and old as we gather as a community for this important event.

Money raised from sponsors and donations will be donated to Post 7155 – KFAAI and Semper Fi Fund.

SERAPH Co Sponsor 2016 WW II Bataan – South Pacific Veterans 1st Annual Memorial March Fundraiser

SERAPH Veterans March April 9

SERAPH Veterans March April 9


On April 19th 2016 SERAPH and the KUNTAO Martial Arts Club Phoenixville will host the first annual Bataan – WW II South Pacific Veterans Annual Memorial March at VFW Post 7155 201 W 3rd Ave, Trappe, PA [6:30 to 7:30 p.m.]


The event will honor World War II veterans from the Bataan Death March and the South Pacific theater. A ceremony will be held along with a memorial march on the property.


Funds raised by the participants will be donated to VFW Post 7155 for veterans and the Kapitbayan Filipino-American Association for typhoon relief services.