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IRRESPONSIBLE PARENTS? 7 Questions For Every Parent With A High School Or College Student Traveling Overseas

Travel Safety

Travel Safety


by Dale Yeager SERAPH

The terrorist attacks in Paris France have brought the issue of travel safety and students to the national spotlight. Families of murdered or injured students thought that France and Western Europe were safe. They were wrong.

It never ceases to amaze me how many parents trust the most valuable humans in their lives to teachers, principals and college administrators.

I routinely hear these statements when I speak about travel safety;

“Oh Dale, the high school French teacher has a lot of experience traveling.” or “The College / University has a lot of experience with semesters abroad.”

The 6 Failures – Sandy Hook Lessons Learned? SERAPH – CONGRESSIONAL REPORT


Sandy Hook Lessons Learned?



ü  Shooter Adam Lanza arrived at the front of school UNNOTICED parking next to a NO PARKING ZONE


ü  Principal & psychologist were in a conference room and went to investigate NOISES in the Hallway resulting in their death. They sensed danger as Principal told others in the conference to stay put.  A PHONE in this room could have been used to announce Lockdown situation via intercom


ü  Main Office staff heard glass breaking and observed the shooter. Did not secure office doors or initiate lockdown.


SERAPH announces a new program for schools and students. An Interactive Program To Protect Students Against Stalking And Online Predators. In 2006 a specialized Internet Safety program for student ages 7 to 14 was created by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium Foundation. The ISC is a international consortium of IT Security professionals in both private and public fields.

The Safe and Secure Online program was first introduced in the United Kingdom.  It is now taught to students in Canada, Hong Kong, and the United States. To date, the SAFE AND SECURE ONLINE has reached over 70,000 students worldwide.