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The Army let hundreds of soldiers rejoin the service after being kicked out for ‘adverse reasons’

Paul Szoldra 

The U.S. Army allowed hundreds of soldiers to rejoin the service after being separated for “adverse reasons,” according to an internal document obtained by Task & Purpose.

“This latter population confirms previously identified gaps in the Army transition processes by allowing offenders to depart active duty with an inappropriate characterization of service and with a reentry code allowing them to reenter the Army,” notes the Army Crime Report for Fiscal Year 2018, a non-public document published in Sept. that highlights criminal activity in the service and gives commanders’ tips on how to address it.

College Student Safety: The 25 Most Dangerous Colleges & Universities

SERAPH College Campus Safety

SERAPH College Campus Safety


February 3, 2015 by Kiran Dhillon


Among the many factors that go into deciding where to attend college, safety is a one of the most important.


To find the colleges where the most crimes are committed relative to the size of their total enrolled student body (as of 2013), StartClass analyzed statistics from the Office of Postsecondary Education (OPE).



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