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Michael Smerconish talks to Profiler Dale Yeager on the Sandy Hook Tragedy


Michael Smerconish is a nationally syndicated radio host, newspaper columnist, author and MSNBC contributor.

Michael talks to profiler Dale Yeager on the Sandy Hook Tragedy on Soundcloud.

Smerconish has often been recognized for his radio work. Talkers Magazine has consistently named him one of America’s most important talk show hosts. In 2009, prior to his syndication, Radio and Records named him the nation’s Local Personality of the Year. In 2011, the National Association of Broadcasters selected him as a Marconi Award finalist in the category of Best Network/Syndicated Host. He has often been the recipient of several (Philadelphia) Achievement in Radio awards, including Best Talk Show Host and Best Evening Program. Philadelphia Magazine has named him the City’s best talk show host, as well as one of the City’s most powerful citizens.


A team of Congressional school safety experts who provide special reports to congress say that the shooting  situation at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticutwas likely preventable.

The team believes that there appears to have been a lack of proper exterior monitoring and training of staff to visually detect weapons and threats.

“The Newtown, Connecticut shooting appears to have been caused by a lack of exterior monitoring of the school as is recommended by the U.S. Department of Justice Safe Schools guidelinesand a lack of training of staff in weapons identification and threat assessment”, states Dale Yeager the leader of the congressional report development team. “Over the next few weeks the district administrators and school board need to be asking some tough questions.”