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The Executives at WDBJ 7 TV are Responsible for the Murders of Cameraman Adam Ward and Reporter Alison Parker

While this may seem harsh, in my expert opinion the facts prove their culpability of WDBJ executives in this horrific crime.

I am angry because these types of crimes are not inevitable they are preventable.

Some questions about the murders of Cameraman Adam Ward – reporter Alison Parker and the wounding of Vicki Gardner need to be asked and answered:

Q: Did the Human Resources department correctly investigate Vester Lee Flanagan aka Bryce Williams before he was hired?

Security Management Business Shield program

7 Ways Security Management Can Put Money Into Your Bottom Line

In the operation of any business, management decisions have a direct affect on profitability. In 1996, the SERAPH executive team decided to design a new approach to security management. Using the organizational concepts of Peter Drucker and the human behavior models of forensic psychology, we designed a new form of security management.

Legendary management sage Peter Drucker once said, “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things”.