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New Study Raises Serious Concerns About Crimes On Cruise Ships And The Legal Problems For Victims Of Those Crimes

Cruise Ship Crime

Cruise Ship Crime

A new research study of female assault victims on cruise ships by Dr. Caitlin Burke points to serious legal issues related to the rise in cruise ship crimes.

The study entitled A Qualitative Study of Victimization and Legal Issues Relevant to Cruise Shipsaddresses these crimes and the problems for victims who seek justice.

SERAPH Travel Safety Emergency Evacuation

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The “REAL” Story About WORKPLACE VIOLENCE in the U.S.

Workplace Violence is a serious issue in privately held companies, publicly traded companies and government organizations.

SERAPH Workplace-Violence Prevention

Americans believe many myths about workplace crimes such as rape, sexual assault, robbery, assault, and workplace shootings. A new 15 year study by the U.S. Department of Justice [NCVS] indicates that while some workplace crimes have declined others have not.


1. Law Enforcement

2. Bartenders

3. Security Guards

4. Mental Health Workers


1. Sales

2. Protective Services

3. Transportation

4. Management