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School Gangs


Title: Know the Signs

Provides all school staff with the ability to spot gang presence in schools by recognizing related tattoos, graffiti, colors and hand signs. Gives an understanding of the dangers of gangsta rap music.

End Users

Teachers, Teacher’s Aides, School Resource Officers, School Security Officers. All school staff.

What Type of Problems Does It Solve?

Allows for recognition of gang presence in the school and gives staff the ability to deal with the problem in a more pro-active manner.


Title: GRIP

GRIP brings the reality of gang membership right to the classroom. Certified ex-gang members are brought into the classroom to tell the students the truth about gangs. The ex-gang members explain what life in a gang is really all about by describing their negative experiences with the gang on the street and while they were incarcerated due to their gang membership. Time is allotted for a question and answer session. Assembly Programs can also be facilitated but the classroom session is usually more effective.

End Users

All students from Middle School through High School age.

What Type of Problems Does It Solve?

Students learn first-hand the reality of gang life and are able to see first hand the negative aspects of gang membership.

Gang Awareness Community Program


To bring community attention to the signs of gang presence. This presentation is a trimmed down version of the school training program and can include the testimony of the ex-gang member.
The program is usually sponsored by the school or the local police department (or both).

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