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SERAPH provides world class speakers for Business – Corporate events. Due Diligence, Travel Safety, Management, Fraud, and Human Resources.

  • 8th Annual OffshoreAlert Financial Due Diligence

  • Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI)

  • Florida Staffing Association

  • National Conference, American Rental Association

  • Drug Information Association

  • Professionals in Health Education

  • Pennsylvania Department of Aging

  • Secure World Expo

Business Conference Programs:

THE DUE DILIGENCE MESS: A Radical Approach to Due Diligence

Indictments for Ponzi schemes and investor fraud have been increasing every day. While pundits, congress and financial experts pinpoint problems with regulatory agencies such as the SEC, the real problem centers on poor due diligence in the private sector.
In this action, lab participants will be taught to improve their Due Diligence investigations with the use of criminal forensics.

The lab will cover the following items:

1. The Problem with Databases: How to overcome their inadequacies.
2. Due Diligence is a Criminal Investigation
3. Understanding Data In Context: How to assess data psychologically for improved accuracy.

How to Hire Quality People and Improve the Bottom Line with Forensic Psychology: What Lawyers, Accountants and Human Resource Departments Should Know

Criminal Analyst, Dale Yeager, will present forensic business skills to eliminate common management issues.

Participants will learn:

  1. Three interview questions that will legally provide a psychological profile on prospective employees.
  2. Three simple ways to protect a company from internal theft.
  3. How theft, absenteeism and aggression are related.

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Business: Conference – Convention – Meeting Speakers


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