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SERAPH CEO Dale Yeager Accepted Into The Commissioned Officers Association of the USPHS

Commissioned Officers Association of the USPHS

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U.S. Firm SERAPH Launches New International Program For Victims Of Binary Options Trading Fraud

U.S. Firm SERAPH Launches New International Program For Victims Of Binary Options Trading Fraud


The U.S. based firm SERAPH [] has launched a new program to assist the victims of the growing crime of Binary Options Trading fraud.

The binary options fraud issue has now become a focus of the U.S., Israel and the U.K. governments as tens of thousands of victims are coming forward to recover their money.

SERAPH CEO Dale Yeager At Reserve Officers Association Pennsylvania Department Conference

Dale Yeager ROA


The Reserve Officers Association Pennsylvania Department Conference was held this year at the Fort Indiantown Gap base.


SERAPH CEO Dale Yeager attended as an ROA member and is shown here with Col. Thomas Fosnacht [the real life Jason Bourne] and Gen. Jeffrey Phillips Exective Director of the National ROA.


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SERAPH CEO Dale Yeager to be keynote speaker at 2017 ACAMS/ACFE/FIRMA Joint Conference

Dale Yeager SERAPH

Dale Yeager SERAPH


SERAPH CEO Dale Yeager will be the keynote speaker this year at the ACAMS/ACFE/FIRMA Joint Conference in Philadelphia.

The conference which will be jointly sponsored by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists and The Fiduciary and Investment Risk Management Association will focus on Fraud, Money Laundering and Risk Management within the financial sectors.


Mr. Yeager a Forensic Profiler will speak on “Leadership vs. Management Preventing Security,
Aggression and Deception Issues” for the mornings opening session.

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SERAPH Announces New Due Diligence Background Check Investigation Program

SERAPH Kryptos (Greek “hidden or secret)

People have secrets. Go beyond typical Background Checks, SERAPH Kryptos is a Hyper – Due Diligence process.

SERAPH Kryptos is the most comprehensive Due Diligence / Background Check available in the United States and Canada. A comprehensive investigation of a person:

  • Bank and Brokerage accounts.

[With a court judgment or civil action]

  • Physical Assets 
  • Known Associates, Relatives, Business Associates etc.

[Who are they connected to? And are those connections involved in nefarious or criminal behavior? Along with a Relationship Diagram showing how and with whom are they connected.]

Top U.S. Official Charges United Nations’ WIPO Patent Organization Chief With ‘Serious Violations Of National And International Law’

United Nations WIPO Francis Gurry

United Nations WIPO Francis Gurry


The top American official at the United Nations’ World Intellectual Property Organization has accused its Director General, Francis Gurry, of “serious misconduct”  and “violations of national and international law” in connection with a bizarre series of alleged 2008 burglaries of staffers’ offices to obtain samples of their DNA.

The official, James Pooley, is one of Gurry’s four top deputies, and also a highly regarded U.S. patent lawyer, who was nominated for his WIPO job by the Obama Administration in 2009.


Col. Joseph Bassani

Col. Joseph Bassani


SERAPH has a new addition to our leadership team.

Joseph Bassani retired from the United States Army as a Colonel after nearly 28 years of service.  He is an expert in strategy development, strategic communications and organizational change management. 

In the years following the attacks of 9/11, Mr. Bassani led the Department of Defense effort to develop a family of interagency/intergovernmental homeland defense plans.  His efforts led to the formation of the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear (CBRN) Consequence Management Response Force, an all-hazards response plan for the Washington DC Metropolitan area, a national pandemic preparation and response plan, as well as a number of sensitive, classified plans and programs.


On November 6, 2012, SERAPH partnered with Philadelphia law firm Stradley Ronon to produce an international business event entitled “Stealers Keepers” U.S. and International IPR Protection and Product Counterfeiting Countermeasures.

The event featured the Chinese Embassy Intellectual Property Attaché Fuli Chen who spoke of Chinese law and intellectual property and keynote speaker Samuel Blackstone. Mr. Blackstone is the Global Crisis Management Specialist for SERAPH.

Mr. Blackstone spoke about Global Emerging Market Risk Management and the issues of doing Business in foreign markets.  Customs Issues

·        Theft of Shipments
·        Transport Issues
·        Financial Issues
·        (FCPA) Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Compliance

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SERAPH Supports KIVA Providing Micro Loans in Developing Countries


SERAPH has recently joined KIVA a poverty fighting non profit organization.

SERAPH has loaned money to Richard in Uganda who is using the money to purchase Dairy cows to sell and Kholoud in Jordan who is using the money to improve her house for her parents and family.

KIVA is a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Leveraging the internet and a worldwide network of micro-finance institutions, Kiva lets individuals lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world.


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Riots London Olympics

According to intelligence reports and USDOJ Subject Matter Expert Dale Yeager Radical Leftists groups from Greece and other countries are planning to riot in London during the Olympics and various European cities.

Any Executives or Families traveling this summer need a TRAVEL SAFETY PLAN.

A Travel Safety Plan provides:

  • Emergency actions to take in the event of medical issues, crimes, political unrest and natural disasters.

  • Contact information for such emergencies in the geographic areas traveling in.