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New National Coalition of School Safety announced today. Comprehensive School Safety Assessment and Funding Program.

National School Safety Taskforce

A coalition of private and educational entities have joined to create the most comprehensive school safety and funding program in the U.S.

The program brings together a comprehensive assessment of Prediction, Prevention, Emergency Readiness, Physical security and Management evaluation, experienced law enforcement, military and educational professionals.

“This is the first time that law enforcement and school administers have come together to create a comprehensive assessment process for School Safety, Emergency Response and Special Education Management that meets federal standards”, states SERAPH CEO Dale Yeager.

The new process will allow schools officials to have an assessment performed of their policies, management systems and security hardware to evaluate whether these systems are preventing or encouraging safety.

“There is no simple solution to saving lives in an active shooter attack at schools.” states Armoured One CEO Tom Czyz.  “There are so many pieces of the puzzle that need to come together to protect our children and that is what Seraph and Armoured One have done.” 

The new audit process also provides important documentation for schools to apply for additional Federal Grant monies.

“The U.S. Department of Education requires Climate Assessments of Special Education departments and comprehensive assessment of security and safety issues. “Without this examination of their districts they will lose much needed Federal grant money.

The SERAPH Grant Map provides available federal grant information and a detailed strategy for securing additional Education, Special education and school safety funding.

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