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Dale Yeager Keynote at Victims of Elder Abuse and Exploitation National Symposium

Knowledge is Power:

Day-long symposium offering relevant information, data, facts, guidance, and support to victims of elder abuse, probate guardianship abuse, and elder financial exploitation. Victims’ family members and friends, elder justice advocates as well as industry professionals are welcome and invited to attend. This is a free event, but registration is required.

A Workshop for Victims of Elder Abuse and Exploitation & Elder Justice Advocates

Presentations and discussions will address:

  • Status on the fight for elder justice as our population ages with 10,000 Baby Boomers turning 65 daily
  • Research on the impact elder abuse has on families
  • Guidance on gathering and preserving critical forensic evidence of the crimes of abuse and exploitation
  • Telling your story through FACTS not emotions to garner credibility, support and awareness
  • The medical community’s critical role in protecting elders’ rights and preserving justice in the legal system
  • What you MUST know about violations of Americans’ Constitutional rights in the legal and judicial system
  • How to educate and advocate for elders’ rights and elder justice in your community and state as well as in DC
  • How you can survive the journey through abuse, exploitation & injustice, moving forward to make a difference

Confirmed speakers include:

Dale Yeager CEO, SERAPH Inc.


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