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Brick Township PD & School District Use of SERAPH Program Leads to $469,281 Federal Grant

Brick NJ


In May the Brick Township Police Department and Brick Township School District partnered with national school safety firm SERAPH to provide training for a School Safety and Special Education assessment. This program led to the Township securing a federal School Violence Prevention Program grant in the amount of $469,281.

The SCHOOL SECURITY MANAGEMENT AUDIT – SCHOOL SAFETY ASSESSMENT CERTIFICATION PROGRAM provides school officials with training in the planning and execution of a Federal level [U.S. Department of Educationaudit of special education, school security equipment, management systems and polices as they relate to the proper management of a safe school environment.

“The program is unique because it allows a school and local police department to learn how a correct audit is to be performed,” states SERAPH CEO Dale Yeager.

The Brick Township Police Department and School District created a task force to perform the audit and climate assessment.

“This was one of the best teams we have trained and managed in 20 years,” said Yeager. “They took the Grant Map we provided and used the auditing to secure an extraordinary amount of funds.”

The funding will be used for security improvements identified by the taskforce.

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