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Kentucky Shooting Preventable

Marshall County High School Kentucky School Shooting Preventable


Dale Yeager – a school safety expert for the White House and Congress – says that the recent school shooting at Marshall County High School Kentucky is indicative of the poor management that he sees as epidemic in U.S. schools.

Yeager who heads the SERAPH School Safety Research Team – a group tasked by the White House in 2000 to provide a semiannual report entitled THE STATE OF SCHOOL SAFETY IN AMERICAN SCHOOLS to Congress – says the lack of security training and management is at the heart of this crime.

“Over the last 20 years we find a serious issue with the management of staff and students as it relates to security.” says Yeager. “At Marshall County High School Kentucky,  we had a student in a common area with a firearm – a relatively easy thing to assess and prevent. The dirty secret in American education is that poor school management significantly contributes to crimes against students.”

Yeager goes on the say that most schools do not have prevention and prediction training for staff, only reactionary emergency training.

“In this case the administration praised the staff for not preventing the crime and protecting the staff and students? Outrageous!” 


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