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SERAPH Board Member Robert Brzenchek Releases National Gang Book


Robert Brzenchek a Board Member of SERAPH has a new book release.

His book, The Gang Life: Laugh Now Cry Later – Suppression and Prevention, was recognized as a top nonfiction book by the law enforcement community as a book that would also appeal to reluctant readers. Nationwide gang prevention specialists have called it a “stirring on-the-scenes account,” saying “Action photos and personal narratives make this book stay on readers’ minds long past the final page.”


  • Presents a holistic approach from theory to practice
  • Written to serve as preparation for gang investigation certification
  • Uses well-researched case studies and examples of gang symbols
  • World-renowned experts in gang investigation
  • Includes full ancillary material including videos


The Gang Life: Laugh Now, Cry Later examines the criminal gangster mindset and offers gang prevention strategies, using real-world examples to demonstrate a holistic approach toward combatting this surging societal problem. The text outlines the evolution of gang membership from a state of interest, to association, to hardcore “O.G.” (Original Gangster) status, and explores the evolution of law enforcement’s multi-pronged approach to combating criminal street gang violence, from the catch-and-release mentality of the 1970s and 1980s to today’s collaboration with private organizations such as Boys & Girls Clubs.

In-depth profiles, case studies, and lengthy histories of gangs, gang members, and their transformations are provided to demonstrate the deleterious effect of gangs on society. Designed for criminal justice students and for practitioners in the field, this text offers readers a holistic approach toward gang prevention from three nationally awarded educators and gang investigators.

October 12, 2017 Routledge
Reference – 156 Pages
ISBN 9781498778077 – CAT# K29799

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