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The current increase in special needs children has created a  financial crisis for school districts throughout the United States.


“The issue is one that  school board members and superintendents need to address now”, states  Dale Yeager [Head of the School Safety Research Team U.S. Senate].
“As a USDOE recommended resource we monitor this issue for our clients. Most LEAs and districts are only getting a portion of the federal grants that they are entitled to.”

The issue that must be addressed for school officials is the requirement of a  ‘Climate Assessment’ for all federal education grants. This assessment cannot be performed by localpolice agencies and is focused on federal laws [IDEA, ADA] and management best practices by the U.S. Department of Education.

“A Climate Assessment is a must for securing any federal  grant money this year”, says Yeager. “The  Climate Assessment requirement standards can be met by using the  SCHOOL SECURITY AUDIT CERTIFICATION PROGRAM. It provides  training – certification and management oversight for schools so that they can meet the requirements for all available federal grants.”


The current program also includes a  Grant Map which provides available federal grant information and detailed strategy for securing 2017 funding for participating districts’.

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