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NY/NJ HIDTA TRAINING ALERT – Nov 29, 2016 Suffolk County Police Academy


            NY NJ HIDTA SERAPH Dale Yeager


V.I.V.A. Verbal Intervention and Violence Assessment
“How Sex Crimes Factor Into Implications in Drug Interdiction, Gang Management, All Interrogations and Daily Police Operations”


Understanding Sexual Issues and Their Implications in Drug Interdiction, Gang Management, Interrogation and Daily Police Operations
In the daily operation of a law enforcement unit, officers and agents encounter violent and aggressive children and adults. Many of these individuals have deeply rooted sexual aggression issues.


The SERAPH – SEX AGGRESSION PROGRAM was designed to provide a fact-based understanding of sexuality issues as they relate to all aspects of law enforcement work.


Participants will be taken through various segments covering:
Sex Aggression and Group Leadership
Narcotics and Sexual Aggression: The Untold Story
Gender and Sexual Aggression: How It Plays Into Effective Investigations
Fetishes and Paraphilias: The Dark Side Of All Humans
Child Abuse: The Myths and Facts
Learning Objectives:
Understanding the connections between human sexuality and violence
Understanding sexual aggression and improved investigations
Understanding sexual aggression and its use in policing
Each segment includes exercises to help participants apply the information to their daily duties.


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