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The current influx of undocumented immigrant children from Central and South America has created a financial crisis for school districts throughout the United States.

Headlines from nation’s newspapers tell the tale of financial stress as school districts’ seek aide from the federal government.


  • Illegal border children taxing resources inside U.S. schools USA TODAY
  • Illegal Immigrant Children In The Classroom, Schools Brace For 50,000 New Students
  • Cost of educating new class of illegal immigrant minors estimated at over $760M


As small and large municipal schools are being asked to take in these children, evidence shows that federal officials are “raiding” 2015 U.S. Department of Education grants and funding for schools to finance this influx of new students.

“The issue is one that school board members and superintendents need to address now, states Dale Yeager [Head of the School Safety Research Team U.S. Senate]. “Our research shows that there will be very little funding left next year for Special Education, staff development, reading and general education funding. Any federal grants that schools want to go after should be done this year.”



The issue that must be addressed for school officials is the requirement of aClimate Assessment’ for all federal education grants. This assessment cannot be performed by local police agencies and is focused on federal laws [IDEA, ADA] and management best practices by the U.S. Department of Education.

“A Climate Assessment is a must for securing any federal grant money this year, says Yeager. The Climate Assessment requirement standards can be met by using the SCHOOL SECURITY AUDIT CERTIFICATION PROGRAM. It provides training – certification and management oversight for schools so that they can meet the requirements for all available federal grants.”

The current program also includes a Grant Map which provides available federal grant information and detailed strategy for securing 2014 funding for participating districts’.


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