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Controversial Presentation To Be Given at Federal GovSec Conference DC




Controversial Presentation To Be Given at Federal GovSec Conference DC

A training session for federal law enforcement officials has members of various politically left U.S. groups disturbed by the content.

‘THE FORGOTTEN DOMESTIC TERRORISTS: Radical Left-Wing Gangs in America’, will be presented at the national GovSec – Government Security – conference Tuesday May 13th

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The presentation given by Forensic Profiler Dale Yeager of SERAPH and Peirce College Criminal Justice Professor Robert Brzenchek focuses on groups such as PETA, Direct Action, Straight Edge and Juggalos and their connection to domestic terrorism.

“Radical political / movements that have leftist politics are not receiving the focus that right wing type groups receive even though they are involved in terrorist and criminal acts throughout the U.S. and Canada”, states Yeager.

The presentation will explain the rise of these groups and their movement towards violent action against civilians and police agencies including a new threat called the ‘Neo – Nihilistic Movement’.

“In the Law Enforcement – Criminal Justice worlds we cannot worry about fallout or criticism from these groups. When public safety is involved we must be dispassionate and objective and provide the information that protects society from violence,” states Yeager.

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