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6 Questions the Press needs to ask the SANDY HOOK – Newtown Public School District School Board & Superintendent


  1. Did Adam Lanza have an IEP [Individualized Education Plan] required by IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Act)?
  2. In 2012 did the Newtown Public School District’s Emergency and School Safety plan meet Connecticut state requirements and federal USDOE standards?
  3. Do the current Safety / Emergency plans provide specific shooting preventions tactics?
  4. Did the Superintendent and school board meet with Law Enforcement officials to determine what role the school district played in preventing the shooting?
  5. Do they have a formal process for outside security walks every 30 minutes? [If the school has security guards make them show you the plan].
  6. Has a Federal level [U.S. Department of Education – United States Department of Justice] security MANAGEMENT audit been done in the last 12 months?



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