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Protecting Your Children How To Hire Babysitters Or Choose Daycare

How to hire a Babysitter

How to hire a Babysitter

The following information will help you to better protect your children from abuse by nannies, babysitters and aggressive family/friends. Please feel free to share this information sheet with others. You may contact our firm at any time if you need additional information.



When you interview potential childcare workers, it is important to understand their mental stability and their potential for violence. The following questions will help you to “profile” their mental state and make a more accurate decision.


1.     Describe the best family you ever worked for and describe the worst family you ever worked for?

Listen carefully to their answers, does the person talk briefly about the best family and excessively about the worst family. Watch for statements like “personality conflict”. Does the person take any responsibility for their role in leaving the worst family? If not, this person is an emotionally immature person who lives in denial.

2.     What are some things that bothered you about the last family that you worked for?

Does the person give a long list with a “know it all” tone. Are their comments constructive or angry?

3.     Did you ever make suggestions?

Listen for negative comments like, “yes, but they never listened to me”.

4.     How would you solve a problem with the kids fighting over a toy for example?

Wrong answers would contain themes of confrontation or excessive disciplinary attitudes.

5.     Who is your best friend and how would you describe your friendship?

Plenty of people cannot come up with a single name in response to this question. If they give a name that is not listed as a reference, ask why? Then ask if you can call that friend as a reference.


The use of hidden cameras is an excellent legal way to monitor the behavior of childcare workers or others who enter your home.


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