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SERAPH announces the addition of Intelligence Analysis and Research services to its Legal Services division.

SERAPH has partnered with Erik Miller of IntelligenceInk. Erik Miller has served as an independent intelligence officer since 2009, developing a reputation for excellent writing/reporting skills and targeted research.

Mr. Miller’s professional work has appeared in publications including the JOURNAL OF COUNTER-TERRORISM, the JERUSALEM POST, and the LANGLEY INTELLIGENCE GROUP NETWORK. In 2010, he edited a NATO JOURNAL ON ‘MEDICAL TERRORISM’. He also served as an editorial assistant to the MIDDLE EAST QUARTERLY, the publication of the Middle East Forum in Philadelphia.

Mr. Miller’s Subject Matter Expertise covers both domestic and international threats, including:

  • Militant Anarchists / Anti-Corporate Activists
  • Eco-Terrorists
  • Islamic Radicalism and Religious Extremism
  • Mexican Narco-Terrorism
  • Southeast Asian Terrorism

With this partnership SERAPH will now provide Protective Intelligence for private and public sector clients:

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