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SERAPH announces a new program for schools and students. An Interactive Program To Protect Students Against Stalking And Online Predators. In 2006 a specialized Internet Safety program for student ages 7 to 14 was created by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium Foundation. The ISC is a international consortium of IT Security professionals in both private and public fields.

The Safe and Secure Online program was first introduced in the United Kingdom.  It is now taught to students in Canada, Hong Kong, and the United States. To date, the SAFE AND SECURE ONLINE has reached over 70,000 students worldwide.

The top three things that your students will learn

  • Ways To Protect Your Identity.
  • How To Prevent Location Data From Being Attached To Photos On Their Phones.
  • The Consequences Of Cyber-Bullying And Music / Movie Piracy.

About the Speaker

Lindsay Inger has been a Certified Information System Security Professional since 2008.  She has a Master’s degree from Penn State Great Valley in Information Science.  She worked for Lockheed Martin for 10 years.  She now has her own company, Inger Computer Consulting, LLC.

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