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Canada Is Dangerous And Other Travel Safety Issues That Can Hurt You And Your Family

Recently in the Wall Street Journal, Joe Queenan wrote about the issue of travel safety. In ‘Dying to Go to Acapulco – Literally’ Queenan talks about the ‘online cheerleaders’ who are touting Mexico as a vacation spot in spite of the wide spread violence.

In response to their illogical claims of a safe Mexico, he poses the question, “Wouldn’t it make more sense to go someplace where there aren’t drug gangs, homicides and abductions?”

While traveling is a rewarding and fun activity it requires a plan of action to keep you, your family, students, volunteers or employees safe.

Here is a basic guide to planning a safe trip, four things you must know and do before you travel. [Note: This is only basic information, for a detailed plan of action contact SERAPH at ]

STEP 1: Register all of your people in your traveling party with the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) . By registering; U.S. consular officers will assist you if you encounter serious legal, medical, or financial difficulties.

Useful links if you are not a citizen of the United States:

STEP 2: Real time information during your trip is critical. Before you travel and during your trip you will need updates on crime, political unrest, demonstrations, weather conditions, disease outbreaks and civil unrest.

SERAPH provides this service for families, companies, aid agencies, missionary groups or schools. Contact us at Travel Safety Emergency

STEP 3: Health issues of the people traveling with you must be included in your travel safety plan. Don’t assume that if there is a medical or dental emergency that you will be able to find qualified help.

You must pre plan for ALL possible medical or dental scenarios; loss of medication, food poisoning, car accident or   dental emergency.

Before you travel reach out to the embassy in the country where you will be staying and ask for a list of qualified doctors and dentists.

STEP 4: Evacuation from another country is complicated. Generally if you register as a traveler, consular officers at an embassy can arrange for your safe travel home. However this is not always possible. SERAPH provides Emergency Evacuation and Rescue Options. Contact us at Rescue Options .

Remember travel safe by having a travel safety plan. Watch our video on You Tube

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