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SERAPH CEO Speaking At Washington DC GOVSEC Conference On The Psychology Of Narco-Terrorism

GOVSEC Conference 2012

On April 3rd SERAPH CEO Dale Yeager will be speaking at the GOVSEC Conference in Washington DC. Mr. Yeager will be talking about Forensic Psychology and Terrorism.

His talk is titled Psychology of Narco Terrorism; Understanding the Mind of Attackers

A LIVE WEBCAST will be available that day at FedEdTV

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Protect Your Child from Being Kidnapped by a Stranger

Forensic Profiler Dale Yeager teaches parents the only technique to prevent their child from being kidnapped or abducted by a stranger.

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Help for Parents

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Canada Is Dangerous And Other Travel Safety Issues That Can Hurt You And Your Family

Recently in the Wall Street Journal, Joe Queenan wrote about the issue of travel safety. In ‘Dying to Go to Acapulco – Literally’ Queenan talks about the ‘online cheerleaders’ who are touting Mexico as a vacation spot in spite of the wide spread violence.

In response to their illogical claims of a safe Mexico, he poses the question, “Wouldn’t it make more sense to go someplace where there aren’t drug gangs, homicides and abductions?”

While traveling is a rewarding and fun activity it requires a plan of action to keep you, your family, students, volunteers or employees safe.