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Congressional School Safety Expert Says School Bus Beating, Evidence Of Poor Management By School Administrators

Dale Yeager a school safety expert says that the recent school bus beating of a 13 year old girl in Marion County School District is indicative of the poor management of students and staff that he sees as epidemic throughout U.S. schools.

Yeager who heads a research team which has provided three reports to Congress on school safety says the lack of training and management is at the heart of school bus related crime.

“Over the last 20 years and 28,000 schools we find a serious issue with the management of staff and students. This is at the heart of crimes such as this one, states Yeager. The dirty secret in American education is that disconnected and lazy Administrators significantly contribute to crimes against students.”

Yeager goes on the say that many districts sub contract out their bus transportation and do little to train drivers on conflict resolution or proper emergency procedures.

“In this case you have a bus driver who states that he pulled over the bus because of the fight but continued driving after it initially stopped, says Yeager. Seven children are kicking and beating one girl and the driver doesn’t go back to see if there are any injuries?”

Also in our experience children do not committee this level of violence unless they have had conflicts in the past. If any of these students had violent incidents why were they allowed to be transported without a bus monitor? There are many questions that need to be asked of the district administrators.

School bus beating poor management by Superintendents, School Board members and Principals.

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