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Straight Edge – Animal Rights Bomber on the Run from FBI

SPRINGFIELD (FOX 25 / – A tip coming into the FBI through America’s Most Wanted is leading federal officials to believe Daniel Andreas San Diego, one of the FBI’s most wanted terrorists, could be in Northampton, Massachusetts.

Daniel Andreas San Diego has been on the run since 2003. The FBI has labeled him a domestic terrorist and an animal rights extremist. He is wanted for alleged connections to two bombings in California.

In one of those cases, two bombs exploded on the campus of a biotechnology corporation in Emeryville, California.

Feds believe the second bomb was meant to explode as emergency crews arrived on the scene. No one was hurt.

The second bombing, in September of 2003, took place at a nutritional products corporation.

San Diego disappeared before his indictment.

Authorities tell FOX 25 that San Diego has a number of distinctive tattoos he may be trying to hide.

A Boston FBI agent calls the tip credible and says it is important for the public to be educated and informed about this man. They are calling on Western Massachusetts residents for assistance in locating him.

The FBI also says San Diego may be using pre-paid cell phones, changing his e-mail address regularly, and that he’s likely to be vague or secretive when talking about himself.

The feds say San Diego is a very strict vegan and doesn’t use any animal products. He may even be working in a place that shares his animal advocate beliefs. Also, he’s worked on computers in the past, so he may be in that field, as well.

The feds say Massachusetts is a place San Diego might want to be in because there are some laboratories that use animals for different experiments. The two buildings he’s accused of bombing do the same thing. He’s also been linked to a group called SHAC, which stands for “Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty.”

Huntington is a company that conducts animal experiments as well, and according to FBI agents, San Diego admitted that he was in fact involved with bombing those buildings.

There is up to a $250,000 reward for information leading to San Diego’s arrest.

Agents believe San Diego is armed and dangerous.

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