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How the Budget Battle Has Endangered Law Enforcement and the Public

Since January 1 of this year over 90 local, state and federal law enforcement officers and special agents have been killed.

A war has been declared on cops by radical political groups, violent loners and organized crime gangs. The general public is not aware of this problem but I am. As a Federal law enforcement trainer I have watched as the budget debate has dramatically affected police training throughout the country.

Major training conferences for such critical issues as sex offender apprehension and gang interdiction have been canceled because of federal funds being cut. The domestic terrorism unit of the Department of Homeland Security has been all but eradicated.

Every American should be outraged.

In my two decade career I have never seen the kinds of budget cuts for police training as I have seen in the past year. Executive officers within law enforcement agencies are concerned.

What’s the cost of this defunding?

Simply put without training police do not develop critical skills and strategy’s to control crime. New strategies to find and secure sex offenders who escaped after hurricane Katrina will not be taught. New safety tactics to protect officers and agents will not be learned.

In the midst of the fiscal debate within the beltway law enforcements’ safety and effectiveness should not be placed on the table with other funding issues.

The people of the U.S. deserve protection and most importantly the law enforcement professionals who protect us deserve the best.

Contact your Congress person and forward this Op-ed to them please.

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