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Negative Behavior Youth Movements in the United States and their Effect on Domestic Terrorism

The Genesis of Extremism and Youth Movements

by Dale Yeager

Negative behavior youth movements come in various forms; Goths, Juggalos and the most recognizable, Straight Edge. They are not well known by the general public but their increasing involvement in violent crimes and domestic terrorism is a growing concern for law enforcement and Homeland Security. These groups vary in objective but all of them share a common anti-establishment mentality.

The most serious concern that many professionals have about these groups is that they routinely attract members who come from difficult lives filled with trauma, parental neglect and, in many cases, serious mental disorders. This combination makes them easily manipulated by the leadership of radical organizations who have for the past several decades used these groups as recruiting centers. In order to understand the ideals of negative behavior youth movements, we must examine the political and philosophical ideologies of the 18th and 19th centuries.

The Investor Fraud Mess: The Value of Criminal Forensic Investigation in the Protection of Financial and Business Investors

The TASA Group, Inc., in conjunction with criminal analyst Dale Yeager,  presents a free, interactive, one-hour webinar, The Value of Forensic Investigation in the Protection of Financial and Business Investors, for all legal professionals and CPAs.

Indictments for Ponzi schemes and investor fraud have been increasing every day. While pundits, Congress and financial experts pinpoint problems with regulatory agencies such as the SEC, the real problem centers on poor due diligence in the private sector.

During this program, legal professionals will learn to improve their due diligence investigations with the use of criminal forensics.

The presenter will cover the following items: