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Do You Know What a “Juggalo” Is?

She Said, They Said: Ms. Tequila Vs. Juggalo

AMHERST, NY ( WKBW ) They call themselves, “Juggalos”, followers of the music band “The Insane Clown Posse.” While not all are bad, experts say some are downright dangerous.

Juggalos are considered gangs in many states and communities and Police Agencies say members have committed several crimes, “they (Juggalos) have been responsible for a tremendous amount of violence especially against police officers”, says Criminal Analyst Dale Yeager.

Yeager was the keynote speaker at the University at Buffalo’s North Campus Thursday for the 7th annual Safe Schools seminar. He was educating, educators from Local School Districts and members of local Law Enforcement, about the gang and how to prevent them from spreading. It’s a message some say all educators and parents should hear.

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